I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erin for nearly two years now, since the rebranding of Beer West magazine. Her creative eye and ability to capture the mood of an article have helped shaped the aesthetic of the magazine into a publication admired for thoughtful images beyond the ubiquitous brewing tanks and pint glasses. Her professionalism, can-do attitude, and quick turnaround have made her an obvious choice when lining up photographers for each issue.

Apart from the magazine, Erin shot my wedding in 2011. Her ability to put a non-camera loving bride at ease and capture the energy and beauty of the day was so valued. I endorse her with the highest of regards, whether it be work or play.

~ Amy Johnson, Beer West Magazine

Professionalism, creativity and an unbending work ethic combine to make Erin Berzel our photographer of choice. As the Director of photo shoots for the Aveda Institute Portland as well as Dosha Salon Spa I give Erin a lot of different looks. Most AIP shoots have many models with a variety of costuming, hairstyles and make up and Erin has the unique eye to capture that special thing about each model making for very happy students. One shoot had over 30 models – 30 in one day! Toward the end of the session, while everyone involved was exhausted, Erin’s creativity & inexhaustible positive attitude spread to everyone on the shoot creating a fantastic atmosphere.

On seasonal Dosha shoots, Erin can bring out the best in our models capturing the exact mood we are looking for. The final results are amazing, usually exceeding our expectations and we always get the files in a very timely manner. I could write paragraphs on how much we respect, appreciate and love to work with Erin but my final endorsement is this: I admire her enough to have hired her to do my own family photos – and they are, in a word, awesome. 

~ Jeff Green, Multimedia Director, Aveda Institute Portland & Dosha Salon Spa

As a marketer looking for a very specific look for every photo, Erin is such a blessing. She takes the time to listen to what I am seeking and always comes through with exactly what I had in mind – or better!  Erin allows me to tag along on client photo shoots, which is a rare gift in a photographer. I have seen her work on numerous shoots, and she does an amazing job engaging with my clients and making them feel comfortable while keeping the tone relaxed and professional. My most nervous clients have relaxed into the shoot allowing for some wonderful genuine expressions, which Erin is always quick to capture.I am always amazed at how quickly Erin edits the photos and shares the galleries. The image quality is fantastic, and there is always a lot to choose from – various poses, expressions and locations. Every time Erin photographs my clients, they inevitably say, “I have no idea which one to choose – they are all so good!”

~ Caitlin Loos, caitlin.e.loos marketing & design 

Erin Berzel has been our primary photographer since opening the restaurant in 2009.  She has taken a variety of photos for us including food & beverage shots, space shots, headshots as well as event photos.  Erin is always a pleasure to work with; she is professional and has a great demeanor.  I really appreciate the fact that Erin can work with either a lot of direction or none at all…there are times I think she can just read my mind cause she comes up with the best images with very little feedback and input. She also has been very gracious and patient at times when I have been unclear of what I want. I am confident that whenever Erin does a photo shoot for us we will get beautiful pictures back quickly!  I would recommend Erin as a photographer for any occasion; her ability to flex her style to any situation is a real benefit to anyone who has a variety of photo needs. 

~ Meaghan Goedde, General Manager, The Original


Erin's photography of our leather products in action have captured the soul of our brand. Many of them have become iconic images for our company that have been happily making the rounds on the internet thanks to their visual interest, play, and creativity. Her photography has become an integral component of our marketing, especially thanks to visually-oriented sites like Pinterest. Besides beautiful and quality photography, Erin is a joy to work with. She has creative ideas on location selection, and is flexible and easy-going in working together. 

~ Val & Geoff, Walnut Studiolo

Erin is one of the most talented and driven photographers in the business.  Her genuinely sweet personality, powerful photography and professionalism make her wonderful to work with. As a model, her directions are easy to follow and she has a knack for capturing the best angles.  Throughout our many shoots, she has brought something new and innovative to the table each time.  Whether it be a new lighting technique, new equipment, or an offbeat location, it is always fun and the end product portrays her classic, yet inventive style.

~Vieve, portrait client


Erin Berzel has been Lindsay Hart’s photographer of choice for the last four years.  Erin has taken all of the attorney photographs on the firm’s website designs over the last several years.  She is creative and likes to work with each individual attorney and personality; the resulting photographs portray the lawyers in a relaxed, natural way.  We have consistently found her to be responsive, her work arrives timely for review, and the final product is delivered quickly.  She is, in short, both a consummate professional and a delightful person to work with.  

~ Paul Silver, Lindsay Hart Neil + Weigler, LLP 

Having worked with many photographers over the years, working with Erin was a breath of fresh air. We have used Erin for several years now and am always eager to see just what she has in mind for shoots. She gets 100% involved in our projects whether they are personal or professional. She's been very accommodating when we've had outdoor shoots and had to reschedule due to weather. Making sure we are happy clients is very important to Erin.

Erin seems to know exactly what time of day and where to catch the perfect setting she has in mind, such as a beam of sun poking through the fall leaves shining directly on our little boy.

We've had Erin photograph our son from infancy through toddlerhood and each time she handled that task with grace, ease, and finesse.  She gives wardrobe suggestions and she's always on top of the weather so we know exactly where and when to meet, depending on our desired outcome.  She has a real gift for getting our son to relax, pose, to giggle and to smile.   

We have referred many people to Erin over the years because her work is top-notch.  People are in awe when they see the professional work she's done for us and are consistently asking who is your photographer?!  

~ Niki & Chris, portrait clients

Our team, The Puget Sound Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, hired Erin last year to take a variety of photos for us, for our new marketing material.  We told Erin that we wanted to do a combination of professional photos and more casual photos and explained the mediums we would be using the photos for.  Erin helped give us some guidelines on attire that would work well for what we wanted to accomplish, and she took over from there.  She arrived at our office an hour before we were scheduled to shoot, to set up her equipment and ensure the lighting was perfect.  She did individual and group photos.  Overall, the process took an hour at most.  Erin's personality and humor helped everyone relax, and she picked up on all the small details that needed adjustments to ensure we had a selection of great photos to choose from.  She then coordinated a spot for us to travel to for outdoor shots of our team to showcase us in a more natural environment.  The location that she chose could not have worked out better as we had the Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline behind us.  Erin made the process extremely easy for us, and we were very pleased with the results of all of our photos.  She made those of us that felt very non-photogenic look great.  We will definitely hire Erin again the next time we need to update our team photos.

~ Hannah Ahmed, Financial Advisor, The Puget Sound Group, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 


We felt very comfortable at our initial meeting with Erin, she was very organized and worked with us to form a plan as to how we would proceed with the shoot during the wedding to make to enjoyable and efficient at the same time. She planned ahead gathering the names of the family and people in the wedding party and discussed with us how we would like to pair them up and how we should proceed with each stage of photo shoot through out the ceremony. We felt this was very helpful during the wedding.We received the photos sooner than we expected and were very happy with the way we were able to get together and review them with her. The images are very high quality and they are one of our favorite things we look back to when we think of our wedding. Erin did a fantastic job capturing these for us and making this experience such a joyful part of our wedding. 

~ Kalyan & Brittany, wedding clients

 Erin Berzel is an integral member of my business team. She has a communicative skill with a lens that helps us convey our purpose in a potential customer's split second. Her images on our website are a customer's first impression. Her rates are very reasonable and the image turnaround time is quick. I've used Erin Berzel for headshots of personnel and for personal portraits. Enlargements of her beautiful macro nature work grace our office walls.  I love having Erin on my team. I know the essence and very best my business and I have to offer will always be captured and chronicled in her beautiful images.  

~ Tracy Lloyd, Owner, The Good Health Collective, LLC

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